Clinic 554

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an abortion at Clinic 554?
Clinic 554 provides abortions and emergency IUD�s at our clinic. Please view our �abortions� page for more details. For general information about abortions please view our �Resources� page.

Are you accepting new patients?
We are only accepting patients who need an abortion or an IUD.

Do you offer same day appointments?
Yes. We have limited space for same day appointments, for matters that need prompt attention.

Do you have parking?
We have a small parking lot behind the clinic. If there is space, you can park there. Tell the receptionist the make and model of your car when you come in for your appointment, so it won�t get towed. There is also a pay parking lot across the street from the clinic.

Do you offer services in French?
Our services in French are limited to pregnancy management. For reproductive health related concerns, please call our receptionist. We may ask for your contact information and have a French speaking staff member return your call.

Is your clinic accessible?
Clinic 554 has a ramp that starts in the parking lot, behind the clinic. The clinic's doors are not automated, and if you think you will need assistance, please tell reception when you are booking your appointment. The clinic�s waiting room, exam room and washroom are large enough to accommodate people using wheelchairs, scooters or walkers, as well as people with strollers or larger personal items.

I am a physician. Do you have space in your clinic for another practitioner?
Inquiries about sharing professional space can be emailed or faxed to us.

Is your space available for meetings and groups?
Yes, we are excited to support allied community groups. Please contact us for details.

Will there still be protesters outside the clinic?
Clinic 554 is a family practice providing a wide range of health services. Our patients will be accessing treatment for any number of health concerns, such as diabetes, hypertension, end-of-life care and well-baby check-ups (to name but a few). It is anticipated protesters would not want to intrude on the privacy of a patient seeing their doctor. If, however, protesters pose a barrier to you seeking medical attention, we encourage you to contact your local government representatives immediately and report this. In other provinces, legislation exists which creates a confidential, barrier-free zone around healthcare service providers, to ensure a confidential and supportive medical experience for all patients. In the interim, we organize volunteers from the community who are happy to walk beside you in support if protesters create a barrier to your medical care.

How come I have to pay for some medical services but not others?
We encourage you to speak to your provincial government representatives about expanding public healthcare to meet your medical needs.

I am a journalist or other media professional. How can I contact you for more information?
There are no media representatives for Clinic 554 - we are too busy providing patient care! We encourage you to browse our "Resources" page for a wellspring of knowledgeable sources on a number of local issues.

How can I support Clinic 554 and/or people who can't afford abortions without public funding?
Donations are an integral part of Clinic 554's continued service. We accept e-transfer funds and paypal donations but you can contact us to make other arrangements as needed. Thank you for supporting us! We wouldn't be here without you.