Clinic 554

Our Care

We are skilled in feminist, trauma-informed, harm reduction, and anti-racist practices and hope to provide the best experience of care to all our patients.

The breadth of services offered by our family practice includes all scopes of medicine, from pediatrics to geriatrics with a focus on reproductive, trans*, LGBT/Queer, and HIV care.

We offer service focused on prevention, rather than treatment of ill-health. We offer contraception counselling, and a variety of contraceptions, so you can choose the one that is right for you. We offer access to safe abortions, that are timely, and follow best practice guidelines. We also offer after-hours access to fit with your schedule. Our hours are 11am-7pm, with room for same day appointments.

Dr. Edgar served as a Community Engagement Team member on the Trans PULSE Project and trained at the Sherbourne Health Centre and Three Bridges Community Health Centre from 2007 to 2010. He offers a diverse set of skills for gender variant and trans* patients, including hormone readiness assessments, counselling services, safe and transpositive pelvic and chest exams, pre and post surgical care, and hormone replacement therapy (HRT), including education about safe hormone injection technique. His focus is supporting patients in coping with and overcoming discrimination and its resulting gender dysphoria, in a holistic and patient-driven process.